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Jim Cornette Rips Joey Ryan’s #ALLIN Entrance

Jim Cornette
Uniting Champions, via Flickr


Jim Cornette Rips Joey Ryan’s #ALLIN Entrance

Over the weekend, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks held the independent wrestling equivalent of “WrestleMania”; “All In” was a huge success, and got monumental praise from all corners of the wrestling business.  Leading up to the event, perpetual Bucks’ critic and legendary wrestling manager Jim Cornette even had some praise for the event.

But, Cornette did not view the event, claiming that he was watching something else on Saturday night.

Not surprising, as he often has very little positive commentary when it involves the Bucks. Cornette, host of the ever popular “The Jim Cornette Experience”, often speaks lowly of some of the talents that were featured on All In; One of which being Joey Ryan.

Joey Ryan wrestles under the guise of, for those who don’t know who he is, a sleazy, sexual deviant. Basically, the stereotype of a gigolo. He has a move set that matches the gimmick, one of which being “The Dick Flip”.

The name isn’t exactly self-explanatory, for those who haven’t seen Ryan perform, so, here is a video of the maneuver:

As silly as the move is, it is still buzzworthy in the eyes of the IWC, which has drawn the ire of Cornette on numerous occasions. Jim Cornette has notoriously gone on about his hatred of Joey Ryan on his show, and this has inspired some within the IWC to taunt Cornette over Twitter.

And after All In, the tweets started up again. Because Joey Ryan’s appearance was proceeded by…

A Procession of Penises

Joey Ryan’s appearance after Adam “Hangman” Page’s match against Joey Janela happened following a story which was featured on the popular YouTube show “Being The Elite”. On the show, Page apparently “killed” Joey Ryan in a fit of rage with a telephone, leaving him a bloody mess. The death of Ryan was a mystery that had gone on for months; where “Arrow” star Stephen Amell was accused of the murder, and a funeral/memorial service was held for Ryan.

Following Page’s win, as he was celebrating, the lights went out; a group of “Penis Druids” (?) marched onto the stage and formed two rows.  The large screen showed the bloodied Ryan laying where he was after the attack. As the camera panned out on the scene, Joey’s “penis” would awaken, signifying that he survived.

The “Penis Druids” would then do the John Cena “U Can’t C Me” taunt, as Ryan’s theme blared throughout the arena. Once Ryan appeared, to a thunderous applause from the crowd, Page lost it. Ryan would make his way to the ring, do his baby oil gimmick, then attack Page. Following the attack, the “druids” carried Page out of the arena.

Jim Cornette Chimes In

As stated earlier, Cornette listeners and IWC members alike tweeted him about All In, with some mentioning Ryan’s entrance. Cornette, in classic fashion, stated his distaste in the antics and why he wouldn’t have watched, saying:




Expect Cornette to comment on the entrance on his show, if by this posting he hasn’t already.

Photo credit: Uniting Champions, via Flickr

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