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Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Schedule Preview: Repeat?

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl
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The Eagles 2018 Schedule Preview Kicks Off With A Win

It’s not a secret that the most trending question of the Eagles offseason is can the Eagles repeat? It’s still too early to say. Philadelphia doesn’t know what their roster will look like by September, but they will have to rely on their focal core of players to win it all again next year. With that said, the Eagles 2018 schedule preview is an entertaining way to kill time in the offseason.

Philly has an exciting schedule next season. They will face stiff teams, and some of these teams are considered Super Bowl contenders by many. Can the Eagles finish again with a 13-3 regular season record? Doubtful. That doesn’t mean Philly won’t won’t prosper in the playoffs; it means that they will have a tougher road to the big game.

Week 1: Can The Atlanta Falcons Spoil The Eagles’ Special Night?

The Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons will kick off the 2018 NFL regular season on a Thursday night. On the same night, Philadelphia will show off their Super Bowl LII banner on national television. Do the Eagles beat the Falcons in the season opener? Of course, they do. This night is the most historic night in franchise history, and the Eagles will be fired up to win.

Atlanta could pull off the upset, but I don’t fancy their chances. The Falcons will make it a close game like it was in the postseason and quarterback Matt Ryan might be the reason why. Philly pulls out the 28-21 win even if Nick Foles has to suit up.

Week 2: Potential Trap Game?

Tampa Bay finished with a 5-11 record and was the last team in the NFC South. The Buccaneers are one of those teams that could beat the Eagles on a bad day. Philly will be the away team, and Tampa has that DeSean Jackson guy. But I still don’t see the Bucs pulling off this win.

It won’t surprise me if this game is a 21 point victory for the Eagles. Philly is a better team overall and could lay a beating on Tampa. It’s going to be a close at first, but the Eagles take it by three touchdowns or more.

Week 3: Eagles Win

This prediction won’t take long. The Eagles should win this game. The dysfunctional Indianapolis Colts will be visiting the Linc, and it won’t be pretty. Even if the Colts have their starting quarterback Andrew Luck back from injury, it won’t be enough. Eagles win 28-10.

Week 4: A Tricky Game Awaits The Eagles In Nashville

Some Eagles fans might have forgotten this, but the Tennessee Titans won a playoff game last year. The Titans finished the regular season with a 9-7 record that was good for second place in the AFC South. Tennessee made the playoffs as a wild-card team and shocked the Kansas City Chiefs with an 18 point comeback.

I have to admit that this is a game the Eagles could lose. If the Eagles come into this game with a 3-0 record, this game might be their first loss of the season. The Titans have one of those teams that if they show up, they can beat almost any team in the league. Expect it to be a close game as the Eagles could struggle a bit but at the end, they pull it off with a 26-23 win.

Week 5: Philly Beats Down Minnesota Again At The Linc

Maybe not but one can hope. The Minnesota Vikings will be coming to town to avenge their 38-7 embarrassing postseason loss to the Eagles. Philly will be facing a different Vikings offense as it will be Kirk Cousins under center and running back Dalvin Cook could be starting at running back.

The Vikings defense will look about the same. Can this be another blowout win for the Eagles? Likely not. The Eagles do know Cousins from his Washington days, but that’s about it. It’ll be a much closer game than it was in January. The Eagles win 21-17.

Week 6: Eagles Visit One Of Their Favorite Stadiums

The Super Bowl defending champions will be going against 37-year-old quarterback Eli Manning and the New York Giants. The Giants were one of the biggest disappointments last season and will look to bounce back. Philly swept New York last season but both victories were close calls.

A Giants win is a huge possibility. Manning put up big numbers against the Eagles defense at the Linc and the Meadowlands. It hurts to say it but the Giants squeak out a win in their stadium. Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has a big day like he did last season and the Giants pull off a 24-21 win.

Week 7: Cam Newton And The Carolina Panthers Come To Town

Last season, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Carolina Panthers by five points. It was a big victory for the Eagles as they traveled to Bank Of America stadium to solidify themselves as the NFC’s top dogs. It was a slugfest, but the Eagles came out victorious and put the league on notice that night.

One thing I will say is I believe in the Eagles more than I believe in the Panthers. Carolina has the team to pull out the victory and they could. I don’t see it happening with the Eagles coming off a loss to a division rival. The Eagles will be itching to forget about the loss to the Giants. Also, it’s at the Linc? The Eagles only lost once all last season, and that loss was in Week 17.

Week 8: Philly And Jax Clash In London

The Eagles get their second loss of the season against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Philly will have to travel to London for the first time in franchise history. It’s hard to predict how the team will play abroad and that gives the Jaguars an advantage.

Jacksonville has played five games in London, and they’ve won their last three games there. Their last victory in London was last season, and they hung 44 points on the Baltimore Ravens. The final score was 44-7, and the Jaguars didn’t break a sweat. The Eagles might have the better roster, but it’s hard to predict how they will perform in London. Jax wins it 24-17.

Week 9: Bye Week

Philly gets a bye week before having to play the toughest part of their schedule.

Week 10: The Dallas Cowboys Pay The Philadelphia Eagles A Visit At The Linc

This game is always one of the best games of the season. It might be the most crucial game for the Eagles when talking about the NFC East crown. I know we Eagles fans love to make fun of Cowboys, but the truth is they’re still the biggest threat to the Eagles in the division.

In the past two seasons, it’s been a split series. I’m only talking about the past two seasons because of Dak Prescott and Carson Wentz. They were drafted the same year, and they’re going to be the talk whenever these two teams play. The game at the Linc could once again decide the division, which means both sides will be at their best. The final result? Philly wins it 20-17 with a Jake Elliott kick in overtime.

Week 11: Eagles Travel To The Superdome To Play The New Orleans Saints

If there was a team that I didn’t want the Eagles to play last postseason, it’s the Saints. The Saints are an offensive juggernaut, and any reasonable Eagles fan would agree with me. They’re loaded on offense and have a respectable defense.

I have to go with the Saints in this one. Playing in the Superdome is always a big task for any team, and I think the Eagles lose this one. It’ll be a 10 point victory for New Orleans as the Eagles defense struggles against the Saints offense who have a big day.

Week 12: Giants Fall At The Linc For The Second Season In A Row

Remember how the Eagles lost back in Week 6? It won’t happen in this game. The Eagles will be ready to rock and roll at home and convincingly beat the Giants. Expect Manning to have a decent game throwing the ball, but he’ll throw two costly interceptions.

The Eagles offense should see a lot of fireworks in this game. Around 30 points from the offense is a good prediction, and the Giants offense only manages to score 17 points. It will be close at first but the game gets away from New York, and Philly makes them pay. Eagles win 34-17.

Week 13: Washington Travels To Philly To Face The Super Bowl Defending Champions

The Washington Redskins will visit the Philadelphia Eagles with a new quarterback at the helm. Alex Smith will be looking to impress Redskins fans everywhere. I’ll be the first to tell Smith that it won’t be happening. Smith will have to wait for the next opportunity to showcase his arm.

Philly swept Washington last season, but Washington had their number for a while. I firmly believe the Eagles will get a victory against the Redskins. It won’t be pretty as Washington always plays Philly hard and things will get intense. Eagles win 24-14 as Wentz steals the show.

Week 14: Philly Travels To Jerry’s World

Will this again be another meaningless game for both teams? Doubt it. It’s a game that could be important for both sides because it’s only Week 14. We’ve seen the Cowboys and Eagles rest their starters in consecutive seasons because the division has been clinched before Week 17.

Every season is different, and the Cowboys will be motivated to dethrone the Eagles. I don’t see it happening this season as the Eagles are apparently the better team. Last season, the Eagles demolished the Cowboys in the second half of the game and the Cowboys faithful watched hopelessly as their squad was torn apart. It won’t be as bad, but it will be an Eagles victory. Philly takes it 30-10.

Week 15: The Eagles Travel To The Coliseum For The Battle Of The Favorites

A game that you do not want to miss. Every Eagles fan has probably seen all the big moves that the Los Angeles Rams have made in the offseason thus far. The Rams were already a playoffs contender, but have elevated to Super Bowl contender with their stacked roster.

Brandin Cooks, Aqib Talib, and Ndamukong Suh are some of the big free agents the Rams acquired during free agency period. Can they make the difference in this game? Yes. I hate to be the one to tell you this one Eagles fans, but the Rams can win this game. It won’t be a shootout like it was last season. Still, the Eagles lose a close one at the Coliseum 27-24.

Week 16: Deshaun Watson Versus Carson Wentz

Another exciting game between two potential playoff teams. I’m a Watson fan so I have to admit him getting drafted at the 12th spot in last year’s draft was disrespectful. Anyways, that doesn’t mean I think he can lead his Houston Texans to a win at the Linc. It’s a game that all football fans should try to watch.

Two young quarterbacks going at it and two defenses trying to keep up. This game has shootout potential because both offenses possess enormous firepower. Watson will put up big numbers and so will Wentz. This game will come down to which defense makes that critical stop. The Eagles defense comes through late in the game and wins it for the Birds. 41-35 in favor of the Eagles

Week 17: An Important Game In The Nation’s Capital

At 11-4, the Eagles might still need to win in Week 17 to secure the division. Philly took advantage of the dysfunctional NFC East last season. The Eagles produced a 5-1 record against the NFC East in which their only loss came against the Cowboys in the final week of the season. Philly rested a majority of their starters against Dallas, as the Eagles were already thinking about the postseason.

It’s not hard to write down this game as a loss for the Eagles. The reason why is because who knows if the Eagles might even need this game to clinch a postseason berth. With a loss, the team’s record would be 11-5, and that could be enough to secure the division.

Then again, it could be the biggest game of the regular season. Philly will have to go into the nation’s capital to clinch the division. I like Philly’s chances especially if they’re playing with the season on the line. I can’t trust the Redskins in big games. Eagles win 32-20 and finish the regular season 12-4 with the division and possibly more.











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