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2019 WWE Match Rankings

2019 WWE Match Rankings
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2019 WWE Match Rankings

Get those WWE Network accounts ready as Thom Cunningham has narrowed down the best WWE matches during the 2019 season. Check out which matches should be on your holiday binge watch list!

Matches that qualify are either Match of the Night winners at their respected pay-per-view event or Match of the Night honorable mentions.

60 – Natalya vs Lacey Evans (Crown Jewel)

  • The in-ring performance for this match wasn’t a ‘Match of the Year’ nomination, but everything the match stood for was. Listed last as an honorable mention, the first ever women’s wrestling match in Saudi Arabia made the biggest real-world impact of any other match in 2019.

59 – Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks – WWE Raw Women’s Championship (Clash of Champions)*

  • The first of a few good matches between these two, although the result was confusing to say the least. The game plan in this match was fine, but the execution could’ve been better. A decent match with a brutal ending. The fact that no other match at Clash of Champions stood out – this first 2019 encounter between The Man and The Boss snuck its way into a Match of the Year ranking.

58 – Daniel Bryan & Erick Rowan vs Heavy Machinery – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship (Stomping Grounds)

  • Not an easy match to perform in for Heavy Machinery, fighting as babyfaces in Daniel Bryan’s home state of Washington. Despite this, the rookie team was able to win most of the Daniel Bryan fan base over with their impressive performance. This match proved that Heavy Machinery can deliver and perform as a top tag team in the WWE.

57 – Noam Dar vs Travis Banks (NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff)

  • One of the best opening matches of the year, this underrated encounter kick-started an epic evening in Cardiff, Wales. A charismatic match between two competitors in their first TakeOvermatch didn’t disappoint.

56 – Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler in a Steel Cage match – WWE Championship (Stomping Grounds) *

  • Simply put, this was a great technical match that just happened to be inside a steel cage. A rewarding component to this match was the fact it highlighted the wrestling abilities between two solid veterans without relying on the steel cage for entertainment. The cage was utilized during crucial moments, but Kofi and Dolphmade themselves the focus and not the cage.  This was a smooth and consistently enjoyable wrestling match on an otherwise weak pay-per-view.

55 – Brock Lesnar vs Rey Mysterio in a No Holds Barred match – WWE Championship (Survivor Series)

  • A slow start didn’t keep this match from turning into a fast-paced and chaotic encounter. It’s as if we all forgot that Dominic, Rey’s son, gave Mysteriothe numbers advantage. Teasing the lead pipe as Rey’s equalizer for the Beast, it was actually his own son. Despite the result, the fact Dominic and Rey got the better of the Beast was delightful to see.

54 – Baron Corbin vs Roman Reigns in a TLC match (TLC)

  • This was truly Baron Corbin’s christening as a top villain within WWE. From Corbin’s entrance in the match, to his security team attacking Roman, to his brutal punishment on Roman throughout – this match was all about King Corbin. It felt like a video game, where Roman Reigns was facing the final boss and his lackies. A fun, smashmouth fight – this match kept you guessing until the very end with a few surprises along the way.

53 – Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins – WWE Universal Championship (SummerSlam)

  • One of the better rivalries of 2019 saw Brock Lesnarvs Seth Rollins. After seeing Seth fight so hard to take and hold the Universal Championship from Brock Lesnar. The Beast eventually found his way back to the title. A motivated, but injured Seth Rollins tries to reclaim his throne against an antagonist that, as Thanos says, is… inevitable. Would Seth finally slay the Beast?

52 – Mansoor vs Cesaro (Crown Jewel)

  • This was a huge match for Mansoor, who was set up very nicely by booking to make a small but important impact in 2019. Mansoor took his opportunity and ran with it, specifically in his clash with Cesaro. Fighting the Swiss cyborg never hurts, but Mansoor held his own with an impressive showing in his first true WWE-in ring match after already making an impact by winning the largest Battle Royal earlier in the year.

51 – Street Profits vs Undisputed Era – NXT Tag Team Championship (NXT TakeOver: Toronto)

  • A slow-paced match that eventually turned into a fast-moving brawl, the opening bout for SummerSlamweekend didn’t disappoint.  This match eventually got a standing ovation from the Toronto crowd. For as good of a match as this was, it’s far from either team’s best performance – meaning the other matches they’re in must be damn good.

50 – Shane McMahon vs The Miz in a Falls Count Anywhere match (Wrestlemania 35)

  • This match was probably the highlight of Miz’s 2019, with plenty of high-risk spots during the company’s biggest event of the year. This fight was highly defined with big and brutal bumps. The story told between these two paid off very well in this surprisingly brutal encounter, with an ending you won’t forget. This was the genesis for a fantastic heel-run by the “Best in the World”, Shane McMahon.

49 – Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper in a Tornado Tag Team match (Hell in a Cell)

  • Fast out of the gates and enjoyable throughout, this was a pleasantly destructive war between the company’s two top stars and two superstars who feel underappreciated. Pure brutality in this one, and it’s quite possible this match was served better by not being put inside the cell. Sit back and enjoy this hellacious battle.

48 – Finn Balor vs Matt Riddle (NXT TakeOver: War Games III)

  • The Prince of NXT returned to fight Matt Riddle in what was a fantastic match. The contest had everything – from brutal blows, to technical savviness, to high-flying action. This match really was a Neapolitan of different wrestling styles, delivered in a consistently high-leveled manner.

47 – The Shield vs Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre & Bobby Lashley (Fastlane) *

  • This match already saw historical value going in, billed as the Shield’s last match. Considering Dean Ambrose’s (or Jon Moxley’s) role in the current wrestling wars between WWE and AEW, it makes the Shield’s last match even more important in real-world affairs. The match itself saw tons of fury that eventually spiraled into straight chaos. A few big spots capped off by one last Shield Triple Powerbomb, it was a love letter-match for fans of The Shield. A great send off for one of the greatest stables in WWE history going up against three of the company’s current top villains.

46 – Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt in a Falls Count Anywhere match – WWE Universal Championship (Crown Jewel) *

  • A rematch for the Hell in a Cell disaster paid off in a big way, seeing an epically entertaining match end with a satisfying finish. This match wasn’t meant to show off the pure wrestling talent of either competitor. It was rather booked for theatrical entertainment purposes and a way to show you how powerful The Fiend is. The red lighting, big bumps and insane finish made this fantastically dark and twisted nightmare a memorable match for all the right reasons… except for one person.

45 – The Kabuki Warriors vs Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch in a TLC match – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (TLC)

  • Despite the beauty these four women have, there was nothing pretty about this brawl. This match was very reflective of The Kabuki Warriors, random chaos. There were many memorable moments throughout, a back-and-forth battle of pure annihilation. The TLC stipulation is usually measured off ofcreative destruction, and this match had plenty of chaotic innovation.

44 – Cesaro vs Ilja Dragunov (NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff)

  • What an unbelievable debut this was for Mr. Dragunov. Oozing with charisma, Ilja Dragunov made an immediate impact in his Cardiff match against Cesaro. Hard-hitting action with plenty of memorable moments (including a 40 second swing from Cesaro), this underrated Match of the Year candidate delivered in every way – physically and emotionally.

43 – Becky Lynch vs Natalya in a Submission match – WWE Raw Women’s Championship (SummerSlam) *

  • It was a pleasant surprise to see this match receive ‘Match of the Night’ honors during one of the company’s biggest shows. It was also a surprise how grittily brutal this match was. Natalya continues to prove why she is so reliable as a top female competitor, delivering a ton of intensity in a match that suits her skill set best. Becky was able to equate Natalya’s ferocity in this match, which made it all the morefun to watch given the stipulation.

42 – Cesaro vs Aleister Black (Extreme Rules)

  • A physical match featuring tons of counterattacks, the only thing that would’ve made this match better would’ve been a high stake. Perhaps a championship on contender spot on the line might see this match ranked higher, but if it wasn’t for an insane war between two of the company’s best behemoths (more on that later) then Cesarovs Aleister Black may have won Match of the Night. Depending who you ask, it may have been your Match of the Night for the Philly event.

41 – Randy Orton vs Triple H (Super ShowDown) *

  • A grueling match between two legends, this slow burn didn’t disappoint. Two of the greatest in the industry took it to each other, fighting in what was basically an overheated sauna as they battled in the Saudi heat. The history between both competitors, the energy throughout the match and the variety of close falls saw this as one of the better performances in 2019 between past Evolution members.

40– Bobby Lashley vs Braun Strowman in a Last Man Standing match (Extreme Rules) *

  • A battle of the behemoths saw these two titans fight all over the Wells Fargo Center. Chaos and destruction followed wherever these two went, as this match was basically one big tornado making its way around the arena. This match was exactly what you would expect between two Godzillasin the WWE.

39 – Triple Threat Match – #1 Contender for the NXT Championship (NXT TakeOver: War Games III)

  • Pete Dunne, Killian Dain and Damian Priest put on one hell of a performance. You could not catch your breath in this one, as the action was non-stop and perfectly executed by all three superstars. Perhaps the biggest match for Damian Priest, making his TakeOverdebut in an overly impressive fashion. This was a great match for Dain as well, who will hopefully see more TakeOver opportunities in 2020.

38 – Io Shirai vs Candice LeRae (NXT TakeOver: Toronto)

  • A physically innovative encounter between two former friends, this women’s division classic was just one of many these ladies performed in during the 2019 season. A suicide dive into a tornado DDT, a suplexon the announce table and a ferocious running forearm from Shirai is just the tip of the iceberg in this excellent, physical, back-and-forth match.

37 – 6-Man Elimination Chamber Match – WWE Championship (Elimination Chamber)

  • The wrestling in this year’s men’s Elimination Chamber match was solid to say the least. The bumps weren’t bad either – Jeff Hardy hitting a Swanton Bomb while A.J. Styles is laying on a turnbuckle, Kofi Kingston jumping off the chamber wall or even an RKO intercepting a Phenomenal Forearm. The true highlight came when the match reached the final two competitors, however. Once the herd thinned out, this match’s intensity went through the roof.

36 – Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair – NXT Women’s Championship (NXT TakeOver: Phoenix)

  • Upon entering this match, Sam Roberts claimed Bianca Belair was a ‘waste of time’ for the WWE Universe. That couldn’t have been further from the truth, and her first big match of 2019 proved that. This match only gave a taste of Belair would go on to accomplish this season, scary considering how exhausting and vicious this match was. This business is all about opportunity and Belair took advantage, evident by her track record and booking following this bout.

35 – Ronda Rousey vs Sasha Banks – WWE Raw Women’s Championship (Royal Rumble)

  • The beginning of an unbelievable 2019 for Sasha Banks began with her January championship match against Ronda Rousey. One of the more technically intense matches of the year, this was just one of a few underrated Sasha Banks’ bouts in 2019. This may have been the best technical match performed in The Boss’ career, as the physicality was present from bell to bell.

34 – Undisputed Era vs War Raiders – NXT Tag Team Championship (NXT TakeOver: Phoenix)

  • From the entrance to the ending, this was a fantastic watch. Unfortunately, it was only one of two matches the War Raiders were a part of during the 2019 season that earned Match of the Night merits. However, this match more than made up for that statistical downfall (as does their other) as the action kept you on edge from start to finish.

33 – Zack Gibson & James Drake vs Moustache Mountain – NXT UK Tag Team Championship (NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool)

  • A historical match from the opening bell, as this bout would determine the first ever NXT UK Tag Team Championship title holders. A great first match to begin the 2019 season, the electricity was off the charts in this tag team classic. It almost seemed like this match might take the entire night, as both teams were hard hitting and unwilling to stay down.

32 – Triple Threat Match – WWE Raw & Smackdown Women’s Championship (Wrestlemania 35)

  • Chalk up another history-making match in the women’s division for 2019. The first ever Wrestlemaniamatch where women main evented was a physical brawl between three of the company’s top superstars. This match was less about grace and much more about physicality, which you would expect nothing less in a match between The Man, The Queen and The Baddest Woman on the Planet.

31– Brock Lesnar vs Finn Balor – WWE Universal Championship (Royal Rumble)

  • Despite this being billed as David vs Goliath, it was anything but that. Not surprising given the talent both these men possess, but there was never a moment in this match where Lesnardominated or Finn felt out of it. From the opening bell, Balor put himself in position to win at any given moment which was a large part of this match’s intrigue. Short and sweet, a great match to start the new year.

30 – The New Day vs The Revival in a Ladder match – WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship (TLC)

  • Corey Graves said it best, ‘creativity meets brutality’ which is exactly what we got in this match. A season-saving match for The Revival, this one saw plenty of big bumps that were hard to watch yet you couldn’t help but excite over. Sit back and enjoy the sacrifice these four men go through in a non-stop destructive tag team match to close out the 2019 season.

29 – Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey in a Last Man Standing match (NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff)

  • Some of the most massive bumps you’ll see in 2019 started right out of the gates in this masterpiece of a disaster. It was nice to see weapons we’re not used to seeing used, such as a pool cue, a cricket paddle and even the turnbuckle itself. It’s honestly difficult to recall a moment where something destructive wasn’t occurring. It also features one of the most creative ways a superstar won a match all year.

28 – Batista vs Triple H in a No Holds Barred match (Wrestlemania 35)

  • From the entrances of both men to Ric Flair’s presence, this match was a memory making machine. None of it was pretty, however, in what may be considered the most brutally grit match of the 2019 season. A gruesome delight, these two brought the intensity as an exciting finish capped off what was a vicious fight between two past Evolution members.

27– Men’s Survivor Series Match (Survivor Series)

  • Perhaps the coolest part of this match were the different matchups we got to see. Walter going up against McIntyre and Strowman, Orton’s stare down with Ciampa and even Roman Reigns vs Keith Lee are just a few examples. Speaking of Mr. Lee, this was his coming out party which added to the delight for this ‘wild west’-style of a match where if you blinked you might miss something.

26 – Women’s Money in the Bank Match (Money in the Bank)

  • The women’s Money in the Bank match has yet to disappoint since its inception a few years ago, as this year was no different. Utilization of the ladder continues to be both creative and destructive, as the ladies who performed in this year’s match suffered some of the biggest bumps in the women’s division during 2019. Not only was the action fast-paced, dangerous and unpredictable – but the final moments of this match were truly memorable.

25 – 6-Team Elimination Chamber Match – WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (Elimination Chamber) *

  • Easily one of the most historical matches in 2019 for a multitude of reasons. It was the first ever women’s Elimination Chamber contest, along with the match crowning the first ever WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship title holders. A fun and destructive match only got better the longer it went, as the final showdown brought the intensity and fight that you would expect in a history-making match.

24 – Buddy Murphy vs Aleister Black (TLC) *

  • Smooth. That’s the best way to describe this unbelievable match between two up-and-coming stars within the WWE. This may have been the most professionally polished match in all of 2019, and a shame it was the only pay-per-view match given to Buddy Murphy. Despite the textbook wrestling displayed in this classic, it was still a physical encounter – proven by Black’s face throughout.

23 – Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong (NXT TakeOver: XXV)

  • This was a hard-hitting affair from start to finish, from Matt Riddle’s back to Roderick Strong’s face. This was a consistently brutal match with the pace increasing the longer it went. Even the submission holds were hard-hitting in this one, setting the tone for what would be one of the better pay-per-view events all year.

22 – Fatal-4-Way Ladder Match – NXT Tag Team Championship (NXT TakeOver: XXV)

  • There were a lot of good ladder matches in the WWE this season, but the Fatal-4-Way match for the vacated NXT Tag Team Championship was near the very top. The first five minutes saw some of the most creative ways to utilize the ladder, with the tone of the match also changing among Jaxson Ryker’s arrival. A mad dash rat race feel for an exciting fast-paced match was met with an equally satisfying ending.

21 – Seth Rollins vs A.J. Styles – WWE Universal Championship (Money in the Bank)

  • What else would you expect from a championship match between Seth Rollins and A.J. Styles? This was a textbook classic between two of the best, let alone today, but possibly of all-time. Back-and-forth, this encounter featured a flurry of counterattacks at a rapid and brutal pace. This was one of the better championshipmatches rarely talked about all year.

20 – Men’s War Games Match (NXT TakeOver: War Games III)

  • Not the most brutal War Games match we’ve seen, but it was still plenty chaotic – especially given the way this match ended. For the short time War Games has been in NXT, the one constant that the match has been able to do (besides causing an enormous amount of annihilation) is tell a story. Both War Games matches this year were no different as the way this one ended flowed beautifully with the story and massacre at hand. As if War Games couldn’t get your adrenaline going any more, the roof really popped when Team Ciampa’s surprise entrant appeared.

19– Triple Threat Match – NXT North American Championship (NXT TakeOver: Toronto)

  • You could feel the energy in this one as soon as Velveteen Dream hit the stage. Three of the most charismatic fan-favorites went at it in this one, which was displayed early in the match. As it progressed, the match became a fast-paced brawl with counterattacks coming from every direction. This match also did a great job of utilizing all three competitors in most. If not all the attacks – which can get lost in a triple threat match. This fight really had everything – from hard hits, to big spots from the top turnbuckle, to surprise tactics like stopping the ref’s hand on a three count. Sit back and enjoy a true rollercoaster ride of a match.

18 – Tommaso Ciampa vs Aleister Black – NXT Championship (NXT TakeOver: Phoenix)

  • A slow start, but that was mainly due to the establishment of Black’s injured knee which would impact the result. However, the match picked up and didn’t slow down. The longer this match went the more brutal it became. As counterattacks became more frequent along with the intensity delivered in moves. Physicality was highlighted as the duration of this match continued, eventually leading to a satisfying ending after numerous close calls.

17 – Men’s Money in the Bank Match (Money in the Bank) *

  • The story entering this match ended up playing the biggest factor in its result. The entire night was made to believe that Braun Strowman was responsible for beating Sami Zayn up, which was later revealed to be the man who ended up replacing Strowman for his wrongfully accused actions. The ending, albeit unpopular, was an absolute shock to say the least. Add that with the star-power, non-stop chaos and pure destruction, this was easily the best-craziest match in 2019 from start to finish. R.I.P. Finn Balor’s back.

16 – Fatal-4-Way Match – NXT Women’s Championship (NXT TakeOver: New York)

  • Another wild match that showed no signs of slowing down, this was an instant classic between three hungry challengers and a seemingly unbeatable champion. This match started as a fun and enjoyable encounter but slowly turned into a brutal and physical battle. Once that happened, the close falls were plenty as this match kept you guessing and on the edge of your seat until the very end.

15 – Becky Lynch vs Asuka – WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship (Royal Rumble) *

  • This was the first match for these superstars who would go on to have a fantastic 2019. This match served as a taste of what these two would go on to accomplish this season, competing in one of the most vicious women’s matches of the year. If there was such a thing as a technical slobber-knocker, this might be it. Enjoy this war performed by two of the fiercest women in the WWE today, kick starting the new year.

14 – Adam Cole vs Pete Dunne – NXT Championship (Survivor Series) *

  • It’s not a surprise that the best match on a WWE main show pay-per-view event ended up being the lone NXT-only match. This was a huge match for the reason of NXT’s growth, finally making it on cable and using this show to prove that the brand is without a doubt world class. The War Games injuries both men received would play a role in this one, as a hellacious, back-and-forth brawl is exactly what you’d expect from NXT’s top two stars with a bright future ahead.

13 – Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey – WWE United Kingdom Championship (NXT TakeOver: Blackpool) *

  • A pure grind of a match, the first ever NXT UK TakeOvermain event was exhausting and grueling. The longer this match went on the more devastating the moves became. This was slowly paced. However, it became physically demanding, noted by the two men’s fatigue throughout. Be sure to stick around for after the match as well, with a big surprise following the excruciating brawl.

12 – Velveteen Dream vs Matt Riddle – NXT North American Championship (NXT TakeOver: New York)

  • Another captivating performance from the Dream, against the backbone of NXT this year Matt Riddle. The match began with some fun memorable moments but turned brutal in a hurry. This physical encounter will be sure to keep you glued from Velveteen Dream’s entrance to the final result. The only reason this match wasn’t Match of the Night was because of the stacked card – earning best pay-per-view of the year.

11 – Women’s War Games Match (NXT TakeOver: War Games III) *

  • More history being made for the WWE’s women division, as the first ever women’s War Games match stole the show. The drama in this match was through the roof, especially after the surprise turn that nobody saw coming. From a decision that will change the NXT Universe forever, to the brutal destruction seen in this match (like Kay Lee Ray running into a trash can lid from Rhea Ripley), this match was a classic from start to finish at every turn.

10 – Daniel Bryan vs Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship (Wrestlemania 35) *

  • Given the run Kofi had heading into MetLife, this was by far the most energy a match had upon entering – all in the corner of Kofi Kingston (which is ironic given his opponent). Despite everyone having a pretty good idea who would win, nothing was guaranteed – especially against someone like Daniel Bryan. You could make a case Daniel Bryan was on just as good of a run as Kofi at the time. The unpredictability, pure wrestling showcased and emotion from the crowd made this a true Wrestlemaniamoment as the evening’s best match.

9 – Ricochet vs Johnny Gargano – NXT North American Championship (NXT TakeOver: Phoenix) *

  • This match was shot out of a cannon, beginning with fast-paced reversals and not slowing down. There were sprinkles of technical wrestling throughout, but this was mostly a quick counter match with more high-risk maneuvers as the match went on. A brutal yet finesse match, this classic went back-and-forth in a rapid manner.

8 – War Raiders vs Aleister Black & Ricochet – NXT Tag Team Championship (NXT TakeOver: New York)

  • On Wrestlemania weekend, Aleister Black and Ricochet would compete in their sendoff match as they were moving on from NXT and heading to the main roster. Their final match couldn’t have been any better, going toe-to-toe in a brutal encounter with each team trying to outdo the other. Some of the best pin break ups were seen in this match but between the excellent bout and the moment for Black and Ricochet, this was the one of the best tag team matches of the year.

7– Triple Threat Match – NXT UK Tag Team Championship (NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff)

  • This was a coming out party for mostly every team involved. The antics from Gibson and Drake are some of the best. As always, along with bringing a physical fight to the other teams. The charisma Mark Andrews and Morgan Webster possess, along with the skill and brutality of Gallus – this was an instant classic and quite possibly the best tag team match in all of WWE during the 2019 season.

6– Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks in a Hell in a Cell match – WWE Raw Women’s Championship (Hell in a Cell) *

  • Arguably the greatest Hell in a Cell match in women’s history, these two brought every bit of sadistic intensity needed to not only survive but thrive inside Hell in a Cell. The creativity was top notch, such as a chair plugged into the cell wall with kendo sticks. The viciousness was there, such as Sasha hitting a double knee onto Becky through a table. The emotion was there as well, with the story between the two reaching a boiling point. Pure destruction, intense emotion and intuitive spots made this an instant classic and the best women’s division match of 2019.

5 – Walter vs Tyler Bate – WWE United Kingdom Championship (NXT UK TakeOver: Cardiff) *

  • What a heroic performance given by Tyler Bate, who may have received more energy from a crowd than any other superstar in 2019 during this match. The size difference between the two was evident, but the performance from Tyler Bate was exceedingly large. A brutal battle between a powerful champion and a hero with heart, this smash-mouth sensation capped off what was a Top 3 pay-per-view event for the 2019 season.

4 – Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole – NXT Championship (NXT TakeOver: XXV) *

  • The second of three historic encounters between these two saw Adam Cole try to avenge his earlier loss to Mr. Gargano. These two had three epic matches in 2019, filling up three of the top four spots for Match of the Night rankings. There really isn’t too much to say about this evenly matched saga. Sit back and enjoy chapter two of a three-chapter masterpiece. It might help to watch these three matches in chronological order rather than how I have them listed.

3 – Pete Dunne vs Walter – WWE United Kingdom Championship (NXT TakeOver: New York)

  • What a debut this was for Walter, exemplifying what he is all about – pure brute. After a masterful slugfest against Joe Coffey, Walter somehow upped the ante for Pete Dunne as the bruiserweight’spure grit was taken to the limit a second straight time. Could the reign of Pete Dunne continue, or is the pure power of the Ring General too much?

2 – Adam Cole vs Johnny Gargano in a 2 out of 3 Falls match – NXT Championship (NXT TakeOver: Toronto) *

  • The third and final encounter between the heart and soul of NXT against its playboy champion was simply put, chaos. In a rematch from their first encounter, the two NXT studs took to another two out of three falls match. The first two falls provided plenty of memories. However, the entire tone of this matched took a turn for the destructive when the final fall was revealed to be a steel cage, covered in barbed wire and filled with weapons. This match symbolized how hellacious and personal this had become, ending a dynamite rivalry with a boom.

1 – Johnny Gargano vs Adam Cole in a 2 out of 3 Falls match – NXT Championship (NXT TakeOver: New York) *

  • The first match of what would become possibly the greatest rivalry of 2019 saw these two square-off in an absolute classic. Fighting for the vacated NXT Championship, the relentlessness and stamina these two displayed was one for the ages. The number of close falls in this match was ridiculous when it reached the third fall, as the physical and emotional intensity grew with every second. An insane sequence of events to close this match resulted in one of the most memorable moments in NXT TakeOverhistory and the 2019 Match of the Year.


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