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Adrienne Perry

Hi! I'm Adrienne Perry, the Los Angeles Dodgers Writer for TSJ101 Sports. As a lifelong Dodger fanatic, I am beyond thrilled to get to write about the team I love. First, I was born in NY but have spent almost all of my life in Phoenix. My Dad was a huge Brooklyn Dodgers fan and continued to follow them when they moved to LA, so it rubbed off on me at a young age. Growing up I was fortunate enough to be able to watch the Boys in Blue on KTLA. As a kid, it was awesome watching the Dodgers winning Rookie of the Year five consecutive times! Next, I have four brothers, so grew up as one of the boys and was even the only girl in little league, until I later transitioned to competitive Junior Olympic fast-pitch. Further, I have a wonderful husband and amazing son who I've turned into Dodger fanatics as well! In addition, I graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Elementary Education and use to be a teacher. Currently, when I'm not watching or writing about the Dodgers I am a Realtor and love all things real estate. I also enjoy cooking from scratch, as I'm Italian and it's in my blood. (Which is blue, by the way!) Moreover, family and sports photography is another passion of mine. Finally, Dodger Stadium is my favorite place on Earth. There is nothing that comes close to a game at Chavez Ravine. With that said, in the immortal words of Vin Scully, "It's time for Dodger baseball!"

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