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Eddie D’Hondt, Chase Elliott Spotter Suspended After Arrest

Eddie D'Hondt
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Chase Elliott’s Spotter Eddie D’Hondt Suspended After Recent Arrest

Eddie D’Hondt, Sr, the spotter of defending NASCAR Cup Series champion Chase Elliott, has been suspended from Hendrick Motorsports. The 62-year-old was arrested on May 12th with misdemeanor charges of assaulting a female and battery against an unborn child.

Court dates for the two misdemeanors have been set for June 7th and June 30th according to the North Carolina Judicial Branch page.

D’Hondt has spotted two races since his arrest and release, one at Dover International Speedway and the other at Circuit of the Americas. D’Hondt was a part of Elliott’s win at COTA. Hendrick Motorsports has put out a statement claiming they were only made aware of these developments this morning. D’Hondt has been with HMS since the 2011 season.

“We became aware of the situation this morning and have immediately and indefinitely suspended Mr. D’Hondt’s role with our company. We are taking this matter very seriously and will continue to seek additional information about the alleged incident.”

“A spotter for this weekend’s NASCAR Cup Series event at Charlotte Motor Speedway has not been named at this time.”

NASCAR Indefinitely Suspends D’Hondt

NASCAR has also indefinitely suspended D’Hondt for not giving the required notice of being charged with a misdemeanor/felony within 72 hours.

NASCAR officials said that D’Hondt violated Sections 12.8.1.e (Member Conduct Guidelines) and 2.11 (Required Notice) in the NASCAR Rule Book.

Section 12.8.1.e states, in part, that member actions that could result in a fine and/or indefinite suspension, or termination, include: “Being charged with or convicted of significant criminal violations (e.g. Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Assault), or having had determinations rendered by criminal or civil authorities that in NASCAR’s judgement necessitate action. NASCAR will not pre-judge guilt or innocence in the criminal or civil legal system, or the guilt or innocence of the Member, but rather review each matter in its own context and circumstances and with regards to its potential effects upon the sport.”

Section 2.11 states: “Any NASCAR Member charged with any violation of the law (misdemeanor and/or felony) shall notify NASCAR … prior to the next scheduled Event or within 72 hours of being so charged, whichever is earlier.”

Continued Updates:

TSJ101Sports reporter Noah Lewis was one of the first to cover this story in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Updates will continue on his Twitter thread below, as well as on this story.

Written by Noah Lewis

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