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DeMarcus Cousins Has Fit In Very Nicely For The Warriors Thus Far

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DeMarcus Cousins Has Fit In Very Nicely For The Warriors Thus Far

Coming into the season for the Golden State Warriors, they had two goals in mind. The first goal is to be the first team since the 2000-02 Los Angeles Lakers to three peat as NBA Champions. The second goal for the Warriors is making sure DeMarcus Cousins is comfortable in their system.

So far in limited minutes, Cousins has fit in very nicely for the Warriors, scoring 17 points and grabbing six rebounds last night against the Washington Wizards. It’s very impressive because it’s only his third game back from an Achilles injury that has shortened careers.

Cousins brings a calmness to the Warriors system, especially offensively. Everyone knows the main flaw during the Warriors four year run has been turnovers. With Cousins on the floor, they have to focus and give him the ball, which will cut down on the silly turnovers they’ve committed in the past. It also will give Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and everyone on the Warriors roster even more room to operate.

When Cousins gets the ball in the mid range area, on the low block, or behind the 3-point line, he will put pressure on opposing big men. The Warriors can run action off of Cousins, which will open the door for guys to cut to the rim due to the floor being so spread. Plus, he also won’t see a double team because opponents can’t leave Curry, Thompson, and Durant wide open.

DeMarcus Cousins’ Presence Gives The Warriors A Huge Advantage Rotation Wise

When it comes to the Warriors’ rotations, they definitely have a big advantage now. With Cousins on board, the Warriors will have at least two, sometimes three All-Stars on the floor when they bring in Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston. That’s huge because we know they aren’t a deep team, but their star power will overwhelm opposing teams.

Come playoff time, teams typically shorten their rotations to 8-9 players, which the Warriors will definitely do. When you have the stars they have, it’ll also take the pressure off of the bench players. The game will be easier for them. The Warriors have the luxury of playing different combinations with their star players when they bring in a couple guys off the bench.

Rebounding Inside Isn’t A Weakness Anymore For The Warriors

As stated earlier, turnovers have been a weakness for the Warriors. However, rebounding in the paint has also been a weakness teams look to exploit. With Cousins in the lineup, the Warriors won’t get manhandled inside as much anymore. He’s a big body that will be hard to deal with inside.

DeMarcus Cousins Has Fit In With The Warriors Quicker Than Most Expected

In three games back, Cousins is averaging 13 points and 7 rebounds a game in 20 minutes of action. Even though that’s a small sample size, that’s very encouraging for Cousins and the Warriors. He’s fit it quicker than most expected because of his shooting ability, skill, and the fire that he brings.

Just when teams thought they were catching up to the Warriors, Cousins’ quick transition has put the league on notice. The NBA’s most dangerous team has another way to attack you. Cousins is eager to prove that he can be a great teammate and help the Warriors win. Those are the winning ingredients they need from him. If he can keep growing in the Warriors’ system, the rest of the NBA is going to have a serious problem on their hands.


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