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England Wayne Rooney’s Last Call

England Wayne Rooney's Last Call
Photo credit to Wayne Rooney via Twitter

International Friendly

England Wayne Rooney’s Last Call

Wayne’s World

Wayne Rooney has been one of the major faces of international soccer for the past decade. Today marks the end of an international career that has undoubtedly raised the profile of the game. Rooney’s game epitomizes the toughness and perseverance that some may say the game lacks. The international game will be losing one of its fiercest competitors.

Early Warning Signs

As the game began, Brad Guzan called into early action defending a corner which found Deli Ali wide open for a header. Guzan, able to get his fingertips to the ball, only for the attempt to be called offsides. Eighth minute into the game, Guzan makes a terrible clearance that almost leads to an early goal for the Lions. The pressure for Guzan continues once he is caught in no mans land as Wilson goes down in the box after a collision. Guzan was lucky that no penalty was called for his troubles. Deep runs out of the midfield continue to trouble the US. First twenty minutes, the USA were in complete survival mode. Christian Pulisic finally has his moment after a bad first touch finds him on his way to goal. However, Jordan Pickford’s good form has traveled with him from his performance against Chelsea.

Open Up The Floodgates

Dominating the entire half, England were finally able to enjoy the fruits of their labors. In the 25th minute, Jesse Lingard got off a magical curling shot from atop of the 18 to put England ahead. Only minutes later, Trent Alexander-Arnold doubles England’s lead with a calm collective goal coming from the constant pressure. USA has been on the back foot the entire half inviting England for continued pressure. 35th minute into the game, Julian Green shoots a screamer on target that is punched away by Pickford. USA seems to be getting control of the tempo of the game finally. As the half comes to an end it was clear the Americans were clearly out matched and out classed.

More Of The Same

England’s consistency with quick runs down the flanks and high pressure carried over from the first half into the second. The 57th minute was the moment everybody who came today was waiting for. Wayne Rooney entered the game for his final game for his country. He was given the captains band from Fabian Delph and welcomed by a standing ovation. Tyler Adams, who many thought would start would enter the game in the 61st minute for Julian Green.

Adams has been one of the many highlights for the Americans in the past months. 76th minute and Callum Wilson finally gets his well deserved goal on his debut and put England three ahead. The American’s last gasp came in the 85th minute when Pulisic goes down in the box, but the penalty is not given. The 91st minute almost provided the story book ending for Rooney, but his shot was denied by Guzan. 

The Rooney Impact

Today wrapped up the  15 year international career of Wayne Rooney. Rooney’s impact for his country may not be able to be measured with silverware, but the ripples have definitely been created. The professionalism and tenacity that flows through the England legend has spread through the entire program. The three lions showing in the World Cup personifies where the program stands today. England will be in good hands going forward with young talent like Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Jordan Pickford to lean on.


Photo credit to Wayne Rooney via Twitter

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