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West Virginia vs Texas Review

West Virginia
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College Football

Week 9 of West Virginia Mountaineer football, has come to an end; and MAN was it an outstanding game. The Mountaineers traveled to Texas, to take on the Texas Longhorns. Exactly, how did it go you ask? Let’s take a look at the West Virginia vs Texas review!

West Virginia vs Texas

First Quarter

West Virginia kicked a 45 yard field goal, at 11:03. Texas answered with a 1 yard run for a  touchdown at 4:36. The Mountaineers scored a touchdown at 3:08, after a 60 yard passing completion. At 1:05 left in the first quarter, a 21 yard pass for a touchdown. The touchdown put the Longhorns ahead at 14-10.

Second Quarter

The start of the second quarter, the Mountaineers made their way down the field, towards the endzone. At 14:49, a 18 yard pass from Will Grier, scored a touchdown to make the score 17-14 to allow the Mountaineers jump back into the lead. The Longhorns was able to score at 10:04, after successfully playing the field, and had a 5 yard run for a touchdown. This put the Longhorns back on top making the score 21-17. After a completion, West Virginia managed a 55 yard run for a touchdown, with 7:36 left on the clock; and took the lead again making the score 24-21.

However, the scoring did not stop there. The Longhorns of Texas, was able to score a touchdown with 2:40 left before halftime. Longhorns once again took the lead away from the visiting team; making it 28-24. With 0:09 left on the clock, a 44 yard field goal, from West Virginia, took the score to 28-27 Longhorns leading into halftime.

Third Quarter

The third was a quiet quarter, the only scoring play during the third, was a 22 yard field goal for Texas. Longhorns were able to shut down the Mountaineers, in the third quarter. The score at the end of the third was 31-28 Texas.

Fourth Quarter

The Longhorns extended the lead to 34-27, after a 38 yard field goal was good. Will Grier and the Mountaineers made their way down the field. After successfully making plays down the field, West Virginia was able to make a 13 yard run for a touchdown, making the score tied at 34-34. Texas answered right back with a 48 yard pass for a touchdown, making the score 41-34. 0:16 left on the clock, quarterback Will Grier threw a 33 yard pass for a touchdown, and made the score 41-40; however, Will Grier runs in for a two point conversion, and succeeds. The score became 42-41 West Virginia.

The Mountaineers were able to defeat the Longhorns of Texas. The fans and players were celebrating, but quickly stopped when they knew the game was over, after the touchdown plus two was a success.

What’s Next?

The Mountaineers of West Virginia was ranked number 12 going into Texas, but after the greatest comeback, and win they moved up to number 7. Texas stayed at number 15, in the rankings. Texas ended the game with quarterback Sam Ehlinger having 354 passing yards and 3 touchdowns. The Longhorns will head to Texas Tech next week, and take on the Red Raiders. Quarterback Will Grier from West Virginia had 346 passing yards, and 3 touchdowns. The Mountaineers will host TCU in week 11 of college football.

Stay tune for more West Virginia Mountaineer Football!

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