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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review, Is It A Stud Or Dud?

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Review, Is It A Stud Or Dud?

Eight years ago Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption, the second installment of the Red Dead series. The game was a hit when it came out everyone was playing it. However, like all things, everything must eventually come to an end. Eight long years later, Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced for release. And instantly became the highest anticipated game of the year. Released on October 26th, Red Dead Redemption 2 instantly started flying off the shelves into the hands of eager gamers. In the first three days of release, the game had supposedly sold 750 Million dollars worth in sales. Becoming the second best opening weekend in history, second to only Grand Theft Auto 5. Which sold upward of a billion dollars in the first three days.


Red Dead Redemption 2, Stud or Dud?

I feel like this question doesn’t need to be asked. Of course, this game is a stud!! From the intense, gunslinging storyline. To the peaceful open world where it seems anything is possible. I’ve played the game for the past three days non-stop trying to figure out what I like and dislike. Now, of course, I love almost everything about this game. However, as with all things, there are some downsides to the game that I will get to later on.

The Positives

Let’s start off with the most obvious, the storyline. The game takes place in 1899, at the tail end of the wild wild west. Law Enforcement has started taking out all the local gangs, even yours. Threatening your way of life, you try and adapt to the changing world around you, however, also while trying to still be an outlaw. Also working alongside lawmen in the game offers a unique experience. Other positives of the game such as graphics, characters, dialogue, and other miscellaneous tasks.

The Negatives

No matter how good a game is there is always something wrong with the game. No matter how big or small. With this game, it’s a lot of small things that can most likely be tweaked by the end of this month. One of the things I have the most problems with is the cinematics for everything you do. Whether it’s looting, skinning or hitching your Horse the cinematic for it takes too long. And isn’t always the smoothest. The one other thing in this game I have a problem with is the controls. The controls for this game aren’t the most responsive, often times finding yourself running and stopping constantly. Or even not being able to loot things or jump over fences. Like I said these are very minor negatives that don’t affect the overall quality of the game.


Stud Or Dud?

This game is 100% a stud, with a ton of side quests and activities to do, along with the incredibly long storyline. This game can offer endless amounts of entertainment and amusement. Not to mention that the game will be adding a Multiplayer around the end of the month. This game will be around for years to come.

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