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WWE 2K Story – Chapter Nine: Return of Thy King

WWE 2K Story – Chapter Nine, Finale: Return of Thy King


WWE 2K Story – Chapter Nine: Return of Thy King

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Monday Night Raw

Shane McMahon is in the ring with many different WWE Board of Director members. Shane says that what happened at last night’s pay-per-view was one of the darkest moments in WWE history. He never thought he would have to call superstar’s families and tell them that they’re husband, wife, daughter, son, etc… wouldn’t be returning home anytime soon. Shane says there are a few people to blame for everything but all that matters is that his father has no more power.

Shane demands Vince come out now and officially relinquish his timeshares to him. Vince comes out with Jinder Mahal, which Shane says that it’s inappropriate for Mahal to be out here. He just laughs and says it’s more than appropriate, it’s necessary. Vince says that the Survivor Series stipulations clearly stated that Shane would receive ‘Vince’s’ timeshares for winning at Survivor Series. Vince says he will happily give Shane his timeshares, which is zero!

A Smart Play

Shane is confused, as Vince reveals he gave Jinder Mahal his timeshares in exchange for diplomatic immunity from India. Jinder shows Shane the contract Vince apparently signed the morning of Survivor Series. Shane is livid, but one of the board members tells Vince this is only a ‘stall’ technique because Vince will lose this battle in court. Vince agrees, then asks Jinder if he found it? Jinder says he did. Jinder suddenly pulls Undertaker’s Urn out, which Shane anticipated when Vince asked Jinder if he ‘found it’?

Goodbye to the Board

Shane jumps out of the ring as Jinder sends all the WWE Board of Director members through the time portal! Jinder closes the urn as Vince mocks the WWE Board of Directors for thinking they could take his company away from him. Vince tells Shane Jinder has his timeshares and he is leaving immediately for India. Vince leaves with Undertaker’s Urn as Shane is in shock. Jinder takes the microphone and begins thinking of matches Shane might want to compete in tonight since Jinder now has power.

WWE Universal Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out as Jinder warns him to stand down. Austin hits the ring, ignoring Jinder, and hits him with the Stone Cold Stunner! The crowd erupts as Austin tells Shane since he still has power, he wants a match tonight against Jinder and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! Austin drops the microphone and begins drinking beers.


NXT Champion Hideo Itami vs. Cedric Alexander

Objective: Win with Hideo Itami

Itami grabs a microphone after the match. Hideo calls out Shinsuke Nakamura. Itami says Nakamura unexpectedly jumped him last night, and that Nakamura is a coward. Itami says he is the greatest warrior from Japan, something Asuka couldn’t handle. He says that’s why she called Nakamura back because she is desperate.

Nakamura comes out and tells Itami to shut up. Nakamura says that he actually called Asuka because he saw what kind of person Itami has become since leaving for WWE. He says Triple H signed Itami because of who he was in Japan, not what he would become in WWE. Itami tells Nakamura he was chosen by Triple H first because Hunter knows that Itami is better. Nakamura challenges Itami for his NXT Championship, which Itami says Nakamura doesn’t deserve.

In Stephanie’s office, she is not happy about Vince giving Jinder all his timeshares instead of her or someone in the McMahon family. Vince tells Stephanie he had no choice, as he’s packing his things. Vince claims he needed diplomatic immunity as a worst-case scenario, which Jinder could provide. Stephanie asks if that was the side deal her father and Jinder had this whole time? Vince pauses, and unconvincingly says ‘yes’. He has Undertaker’s Urn in his hand. Stephanie says that although Vince may not have a choice, she does. Vince looks up as Triple H (’01) is back!

The King is Here

It’s a much younger version of Triple H however, as Vince is in shock. He asks Triple H what he’s doing here? Triple H claims his wife brought him back through Shango’s hat. Vince asks why? Stephanie reveals it was always the plan, as Triple H suddenly drills Vince and takes Undertaker’s Urn. Triple H says he and his wife knew Vince would try to take over when he arrived, so they went along with him which included sending Hunter back in time.

Triple H says he’s done a lot of recruiting living in the past for so long, revealing the present day Triple H is currently there and waiting for the 2001 Triple H to ‘open the gates’. Stephanie tells her father she knew he would take control and eventually lose it, so her and Triple H made their own plans. Vince is livid they betrayed him, but Triple H says Vince had it coming before sending Vince through the time portal!

Jinder’s Side Deal

Jinder Mahal storms in yelling to speak with Vince, but Jinder realizes what has happened. Triple H tells Jinder he may have all of Vince’s timeshares, but he and his wife also still have timeshares themselves and therefore power. Jinder reveals his goal was never Vince’s timeshares, debunking Stephanie’s previous thought of Vince and Jinder’s deal.

Jinder offers Triple H all of Vince’s timeshares in exchange for something. Triple H says he is all ears. Jinder reveals he and Vince did have a side deal but it was never for his timeshares, it was for immortal power. Triple H tells Jinder they can probably work something out. Stephanie finally realizes what Vince and Jinder’s side deal was, believing that siding with Jinder instead of her father may have actually paid off.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Johnny Gargano

Objective: Win with Dolph Ziggler

Dolph grabs a microphone after the match and says he is back. Dolph says he proved just how damn good he is at Survivor Series, and his title run earlier this year was no fluke. He demands another shot at the championship and doesn’t give a damn who’s in charge anymore. John Cena comes out on stage and tells Dolph he won’t get a championship match based on his history.

Dolph laughs at John, saying he beat him down last night and that John isn’t in charge of who gets title matches. Kurt Angle comes out on stage with Cena. Kurt tells Dolph that he is able to decide and despite Dolph’s past, he actually trusts him. Angle tells Dolph that he knows the type of superstar he truly is, and that Ziggler’s current attitude is merely and act. He tells Dolph he is giving him another chance at trust and decides that both Dolph and Cena will each get a title match. Dolph asks who his match is against, as Kurt says WWE Champion, Kevin Owens.

It’s a Rat Race

Triple H ’01 and Stephanie watch Kurt’s announcement backstage, as Stephanie says they need to do something about Kurt. Triple H says they’ll figure it out, as Vince giving Angle power was never accounted for in their planning. Shane walks in and wants to know what the hell is going on, after seeing a younger Triple H. Stephanie tells Shane to cool down because they all saw Vince was losing control and that he had to go. Triple H says they simply ‘took care of it.’ Shane yells at them for sending Vince through the time portal and is becoming very frustrated.

Triple H tells Shane straight up that it would be wise for Shane to just stop fighting. He reveals he now has all of Jinder’s timeshares and Shane will be fighting an uphill battle. Shane says he would lay down his life for the WWE, which Hunter says he may have to. Stephanie tells Shane to leave because they have a show to run. Shane says he will but has one more question, asking who else knows about the 20th championship needed? Triple H tells Shane to stay out of their quest, but Shane says it will be a rat race for the final belt. Shane leaves as Stephanie and Triple H don’t look very happy.


WWE United States Champion Sami Zayn & WWE Champion Kevin Owens vs. The Ascension

Objective: Win with Zayn & Owens

Kevin Owens grabs a microphone. He says that he shouldn’t have to defend his belt against Dolph Ziggler or John Cena, adding that Triple H should fire Kurt due to Angle scheduling an unfair title match. Kurt comes out and tells Owens to can it, because he hasn’t defended his belt in forever. Kurt says since Kevin doesn’t like the match he’ll change it. Angle makes Owens’ WWE Championship Match at TLC a TLC Match! A loud ‘Yes!’ chant fires up around the arena as Owens is livid. Zayn intervenes and tells Angle he messed with the wrong man’s best friend.

Sami tells Kurt he will teach him a lesson at TLC for putting his best friend in danger. Angle likes the idea and says Sami hasn’t defended his belt in quite some time either. Angle makes their match at TLC for the United States Championship. Owens and Zayn are livid as Angle says it’s true, it’s damn true! The Wyatt Family hijack the big screen.

Bray laughs at what happened at Survivor Series. Wyatt claims the light only won half the war though because Papa Shango was getting ready to send everyone to their rightful purgatory. Bray says there is only one group of people to blame, and it’s the New Day. Bray says that New Day apparently didn’t learn their lesson at Survivor Series and instead decided to play the role of a hero. Wyatt warns New Day they will be exterminated from the WWE and advises them to… RUN!


Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss (w/ WWE Raw Women’s Champion Trish Stratus)

Objective: Win with Alexa Bliss

Asuka’s music hits as she comes down to the ring after the match. Asuka points at Trish’s Raw Women’s Championship, but Alexa tries to jump her. Asuka handles Bliss easily, then focuses back to Trish who is halfway up the entrance ramp. Trish shakes her head ‘no’, in fear. Asuka taunts the champion from the ring before helping Bayley up.


WWE Universal Champion Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Jinder Mahal

Objective: Win with Stone Cold

After the match, WWE Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come out and assault Austin. Styles says that belt belongs to him. AJ begins beating Austin down but Samoa Joe’s music hits. Joe runs down as The Club and AJ bail from the ring. Joe screams at AJ to come to fight him, but AJ just smiles and walks back up the entrance ramp with his faction.

Smackdown Live

The New Day come out to start the show, making their way to the ring. New Day say they can’t keep count of how many people have match-making power anymore, but they say it doesn’t matter because they want the Wyatt Family at TLC! Bray quickly interrupts on the big screen and accepts New Day’s challenge. Wyatt wants to hurt the New Day and make them pay for their sins against the dark lord that is Bray’s leader. Bray says they will see the New Day in a Table Tornado Tag Team Match, and advises they… RUN!


Randy Orton vs. Tye Dillinger

Objective: Win with Randy Orton

The ring commentators explain that since the roster thinned down at the Survivor Series tragedy, Dillinger was called up from the NXT roster to fill a main roster spot. After the match, The Shield’s music hits as the Hounds of Justice come down to the ring. They surround the ring like they used to do. They storm the ring and begin to beat down Orton. The trio hit Orton with a Triple Powerbomb and fist bump in the center of the ring as the crowd chants ‘You deserve it’ to Orton.

Stephanie is in her office with Triple H, as Stephanie wants to know when they’ll have the 20th championship belt? Triple H says his men are working on retrieving it and will notify him when they have it. John Cena enters and says he knows they are going after the 20th championship, saying they will find the ECW Championship first. Stephanie laughs, which confuses Cena. Stephanie says it seems Goldust chose a side to take, and clearly it wasn’t John’s. Cena realizes Goldust gave them the wrong information about what the 20th championship is. Triple H says he will tell John the correct championship, in exchange for Papa Shango. Cena says no deal, and that only Kane & Undertaker know where Shango is.


Finn Balor vs. WWE Light Heavyweight Champion Tyson Kidd (with Natalya)

Objective: Win with Finn Balor

WWE Raw Tag Team Champion The Club come out after the match and surround the ring. They enter but don’t attack Finn. Styles holds up a ‘Too Sweet’, waiting for Finn to accept. Finn is confused but leaves the ring with AJ hanging. AJ just laughs and says ‘okay’ as Finn makes his way up the ramp uncertain.

In Stephanie’s office, The Bar is speaking with her as they were called in. Stephanie says they need to find out Papa Shango’s location and only the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions know where he is. She says in order to bring the Brothers of Destruction out of the shadows she is having The Bar face them at TLC for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship. The Bar is afraid, but Stephanie assures them that she would not put them in that position unless she was certain they would succeed. The Bar accepts and leaves happily.


WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte & Dana Brooke vs. Sasha Banks & Carmella

Objective: Win with Sasha Banks & Carmella

The ring commentators reveal that Dana Brooke was added to the main roster due to the Survivor Series incident. Natalya comes out after the match and tells Charlotte she has something that still belongs to her. Natalya wants her Smackdown Women’s Championship back. Sasha attacks Charlotte & Brooke from behind and grabs a microphone.

Sasha says Natalya has had enough chances, as Stephanie & Triple H want a ‘boss’ to win them the belt. Natalya challenges Sasha to a match next week where the winner gets Charlotte. Shane McMahon comes out instead! Shane says that he has an idea. He says since there are two women’s championships, they’ll both be defended at TLC. Shane says the Smackdown Women’s belt will be in a Table Match, while the Raw Women’s Championship will be in a Ladder Match! Shane puts Sasha in the Ladder Match and Natalya in the Tables Match.

An Upset Viper

Stephanie watches backstage and doesn’t like Shane’s ruling. She decides to add Alexa Bliss to the Smackdown Women’s Championship Match in order to better the odds of having Charlotte lose. Randy Orton comes in hot, not happy The Shield jumped him and asking where his backup was? Stephanie says she’s not responsible for his backup and that him turning on the WWE was his own decision. Orton says he won’t be treated as a lackey anymore, so Triple H tells Orton to stop acting like one. Triple H tells Orton he will find two partners to take The Shield out in a TLC Match at TLC. Triple H warns Orton to choose his partners wisely. Orton leaves a little upset, but overall satisfied.


WWE Hardcore Champion Apollo Crews vs Braun Strowman

Objective: Win with Braun Strowman

The ring commentators reveal Stephanie & Triple H made this match earlier tonight. After, Triple H comes out and tells Braun if he wants a championship shot he can have the Hardcore Championship. Triple H tells Braun all he has to do is finish Crews right now! Strowman looks at Crews and picks him up. Kurt Angle’s music hits as Kurt asks Braun not to do this. Strowman holds Crews over his head, so Kurt says Braun can face Austin at TLC for the Universal Championship if he doesn’t hurt Crews. Strowman puts Crews down as Triple H gets in Kurt’s face. Triple H says he needs the belt, so he puts both Mahal and Styles in the Universal title match as well, making it a Fatal-4-Way TLC Match!

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